Five months of blessings

Life has a funny way of creeping up on you. It feels like It was just yesterday, we brought our little one back from the hospital. Now he’s five months old, babbling, laughing, smiling and doing all the cutest baby stuff.

Some days I wonder if I would ever get my goals achieved, like going to school, learn to play the violin (I keep putting them off) but then I’d look at him, and think it all don’t matter, because each day, I am blessed with having his presence in my life. He makes us better people, a better version of ourselves. We strive each day to be better, to do our utmost best for him.

I am blessed I am able to work from home. It pleases me immensely, especially when I think about having to leave him at daycare. Maybe when he’s a little bigger, but for now, I’m just happy we have all these time together. We are blessed because we have a comfortable life, one that allows us to have such an arrangement. Many others are not as lucky.

I love that I am able to be with him each day. Watch him grow, learn to smile, hold onto things, see that tiny face scrunches up as he concentrates in grabbing a toy. He won’t be so little for much longer. It has only been five months, but my goodness, he has grown so much. He has doubled his birth weight, getting heavier and longer. He slept on my tummy a lot when he was little, and still does, but just holding him while he sleeps, I can’t help but wish he’d stay little. He’s grown so much.

Other mothers told me, I should enjoy each moment, because kids grow so fast. It is true. Each day his face changes a little, and he does something new. It’s as if if I blink, I’d miss everything.

Life with baby is not easy, but we have been blessed with our little one. He has a good temperament, rarely cries, and travels well. We had no problem conceiving, and my pregnancy had been a breeze. The only thing that caused me some stress was that he was breech, but we got that sorted out and now he’s here — healthy and perfect in every way. Each day we never forget to say thanks, for the many blessings we have in our lives.

We have a lot of hopes and dreams for our little one, but all in due time. For now, we just want to enjoy his littleness, watching him grow, and continue to be humbled by his presence in our lives. He has taught us so much and for that, we are always grateful.

Of lil joys

So life has been pretty busy around here since we brought our baby home. It’s been sleeping well, eating like a champ, and I’m healing pretty well. Still feel the occasional pain throbbing here and there but overall, ots healing up nicely.

I am just in love with my baby. I just love lying in bed with the baby sleeping next to me, watching it suck on its little hands, making all sorts of funny faces and just being a cutie pie without even trying.

My husband took some time off from work to be home with us and I am just glad he is home. He does a lot around the house, allowing je to rest and focus on getting better. One thing is for sure, he definitely is a hands-on parent. He just loves hanging out with the little one, burping and playing with it. Somehow diaper duty has been his job since the day our LO was born :p

My heart swells with love each time I watch them together. A perfect picture.

Of keeping close connections

How do you deal with overly sensitive people? Do you ignore them, do you tell them to go away, or do you give in and listen to all their sad tales and tragic woes, hoping it would end soon?

Before social media, we had the ability to shut out all the unnecessary noises but now, our world is becoming increasingly small. It’s getting tinier by the second. We are being bombarded by information, left, right, front and centre, from the moment we wake til the time we close our eyes hoping for some reprieve when we sleep.

From not knowing, to knowing about almost everything about everyone in our lives, I feel it kind of takes away from that mystery, the need to communicate, to reach out and finding out what is going on in our family and friends’ lives. We no longer have to pull out a postcard and write a short note to them, just to see how they’re doing. We no longer sit down to write long, carefully thought out letters, and include pictures of our growing families, our latest adventures or just mundane little things about everyday life which might interest them. We no longer do that, because social media is faster, it’s immediate and it helps with the lazy us.

Admit it. As much as we complain about privacy issues being infringed just by being a member of these sites, we just absolutely love them. At the click of a button, we can send out pictures, share music we love, and write out our thoughts to be shared with not one or two but hundreds of people. For someone living thousands of miles away from my loved ones, this is ideal but at the same time, it feels somewhat… impersonal. Due to the way these social media sites are rigged, sometimes the information we want sent out do not even reach the target audience we want.

Right before I moved, I made a pact with some close friends, that regardless what we do or however busy we are, we would always have time to sit down and write a postcard or a letter to each other. Three of them live in the same city but due to their various work and personal commitments, meeting up has not always been easy. So it is always a joy to see each other, especially when one or a few of us are experiencing a milestone that we simply must celebrate together.

I have yet have the chance to sit down and write a proper postcard and send it to them.

No, I had the chance, but I didn’t take it. Why? There’s really no reason. It was always something mundane or silly that got in the way, like thinking about getting to it, but putting it off because I was watching my favourite show on TV, or folding the laundry, or simply because I was lazy. And I figured they would know what I was up to anyway. We are on each other’s social media friends’ list. Surely they would know what’s going on.


Of hospitals and chiropractor visits

So last Tuesday we had an appointment with our doctor. Kevy was locking the door and I was walking out of the gate when I had a BIG contraction, which caused me to double over and almost fell to the ground had it not been for the car which I caught hold of just in time, it being parked right by the fence.

Kevy quickly came to my aid, and made sure I was okay before starting the car and heading to the hospital. The contraction went away, but that was just the start of some little ones throughout the day.

We didn’t have to wait very long and were called in. As usual I had my weigh in, and was very happy to see my weight had gone up a little bit more, which meant the baby was doing well and growing.

When we saw the doctor, I made sure to mention the contractions so he hooked me up to the ultrasound machine to check on the baby. As expected, it hadn’t turned yet so we chatted about the options I have regarding labor and delivery.

I then had to undress for a cervical check, and the doctor found out I was already dilated! OMG. Of course we were excited (it means the baby is close!) but at the same time, I was feeling a little bit worried since we were hoping I’d be able to have the baby right around the due date.

Apparently I bled easily so the doctor used a lot of gauze, which freaked me a little bit because I kept seeing the bloody gauze he kept throwing into the bin :/ He also the contraption famously known as the duckbill, and beckoned for Kevy to take a look haha I thought that was a little funny, since afterwards when I asked, Kevy said all he saw was a wall! Oh well, he is no doctor πŸ˜€

Afterwards we got sent to Labor & Delivery (L&D) so they could monitor the baby and my contractions. I was hooked up to the monitor and had to lie there for about an hour before the nurse did another cervical check to see if I had progressed any further. It was not the most comfortable thing to go through, I gotta tell you that.

Since my contractions were sporadic and not regular enough, the nurse said we could go home, but told us to keep an eye on how I felt and to come back as soon as possible should it become a lot worse. The baby’s heart rate was regular, and it was fascinating to note that it would go up whenever it moved. I just loved that we were hearing its little heart beating. I still cannot get over the fact that we are having a little baby soon, it still feels a little surreal every time I think about it, and we are just stoked to meet it soon.

The next few days, I felt kind of miserable, because they baby had been very active and moving a lot. I was feeling rather poorly, so Kevy stayed home on Tuesday after the appointment and only left for Orlando on Wednesday morning for an out-of-state work-related business. I promised to call if anything went wrong, and his 1st Sgt called to make sure I was okay, which was really sweet of her. Luckily, apart from some discomfort, nothing else really happened.

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I had to work on Saturday morning, then we spent the afternoon watching OSU kicking the Rattlesnakes’ butt πŸ˜€

Later that day, we went to the chiropractor to see if he could help turn the baby around using the Webster technique. Kevy was worried and didn’t want to go through with it, but I was adamant to try everything possible before actually having to go through a Caesarean. I promised him I would say something if it hurt too much.

There are a few chiropractors near our house, so it was a little hard to choose but in the end, I went with one that had good reviews and been in business of 118 years! If they’ve been in business for a long time, then they have to be legit, right?

The appointment went well. I liked the ambiance, and the chiropractor was really nice. He explained what he was going to do which was very comforting, since I like knowing what to expect. I was a little worried it would hurt, but I was kind of looking forward to it because I know the aftereffects were going to be great. I explained why we were there, and told him that I had been experiencing some pain in my lower back area.

First, he asked me to walk down the hall normally then turn around and walk back towards him. Then, I had to walk the hallway and back again on my tippy toes. Next, he asked me to stand with my legs apart then touch my toes, which I must say, I did successfully πŸ˜€

Next I had to raise my right leg forward, then the left leg. Next, to stand straight and just let my right hand go down my right leg, before letting my left hand go down my left leg. I suppose he just wanted to see if I was doing things correctly, since chiropractors are trained to see where the bones are sitting where they’re supposed to be.

Then he asked me to lean forward onto the chair before lowering it and making sure I was comfortable before he popped my back a couple times. After that I had to turn around and sort of lean back into the chair before he lowered it down. I was then told to put my hands on top of my tummy as he located my round ligament, which he said was very tense. It was probably one of the causes why the baby is breech, as he said the tense round ligament was causing the uterus to be oblong instead of spheric as it should be. This gave the baby less room to move, and causing me to feel so much pain as it kicks and move around.

It hurt a little but I couldn’t help giggling coz it was ticklish. Kevy was chuckling as well watching me giggling like a little girl. The chiropractor thought I was in pain, because he was pressing really hard onto my round ligament, but I assured him I was not.

The whole appointment didn’t take very long. After we were done, I felt amazingly great and told Kevy we should’ve gone earlier! The chiropractor did say we should’ve came in earlier, between 34-36 weeks would be the ideal time to try the Webster technique, but there’s always hope so we’re going back to see him on Monday for another appointment.

I slept very well last night, and this morning felt that my back pains had lessened. The baby moved quite a bit today, but there was none of that miserable feeling I was feeling for the last couple of days, which was great!

Next week will be very busy for us, since we have a few appointments to go to. Hoping to hear some good news in the next couple of days! Not long to go now πŸ˜€

Of creating a home for our bundle of joy

We’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks. We finally got around to getting the supplies we needed to paint my room upstairs, and spent a good part of Sunday getting it done. We love the colour we chose — i think it pops out really well, really brightened the room up so I’m really excited that finally I would get to decorate it! I have a ton of plans for it. It will be a work/play room for the baby and me, as I figured while I’m working, it wouldn’t be a good idea to leave the baby downstairs alone, so we’re equipping the room so it’d be conducive to both our needs. We’re slowly getting it ready – K put together the shelf we bought last week and I’m ordering some more so he could put them up on the wall. We somehow don’t feel any real rush to get everything completed; I doubt it would ever be completed as I’m going to want to keep changing things :p but I’m pretty confident we’ll be okay!

Health wise, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I am thankful and feel very blessed I have had no major health problems prior to the pregnancy because that would really put a damper on the whole experience. I’ve gained some weight but nothing I’m confident I can’t lose afterwards. I guess it helps I’ve never really been fat or overweight before β€” thank you, skinny genes! β€” or my weight might have ballooned to some really scary number!

I must confess it is pretty sad to see some of my pretty clothes have to be put away at this point in time, like my skinny jeans and some of my dresses. They’ve become too small for me thanks to my huge tummy, so buying clothes has been somewhat of a nightmare since I had to buy some in L! Usually I’d be an S or an M, so to go from that to an L is kind of a shocking experience +_+ Oh well, at least it won’t be forever!

Quite honestly, this whole pregnancy has been rather kind to me. I would have the occasional pain in my lower pelvic area, especially when the baby kicks or moves around, but most of the time, I haven’t had any major problems so I am very thankful for that!Β Friends spoke about having morning sickness and craving for certain things, but both did not happen to me. The only change I’ve noticed so far is I’ve lost my appetite for any kind of Western dishes, and seem to prefer Asian dishes more than anything. Each time we go out, my husband would ask what I’d like to eat and every time, without fail, I’d tell him “Asian food!”. Luckily there are some pretty good Asian places around here so it’s not like something super exquisite and rare that we’d have to drive hours just to get some!

We’ve been to a couple of classes provided by the hospital. Last week we went to a short class on breastfeeding and it was very entertaining! The nurse was very knowledgeable and funny — it helped make the talk less boring. She looked like Carl from Top Chef too! The class lasted 90 minutes, and I was so glad to have Kevy there because he sure learned some new things. I kind of know quite a bit about breastfeeding since my mother and two sisters do it exclusively for all their children and we would talk about it, but it’s not something Kevy knows a lot about (maybe coz he’s a guy too!) so it was good that he attended the talk with me. Hopefully I’m going to be able to do it once the baby is here. He’s been very supportive and understanding about this so I’m pretty glad for that.Β I guess one of the factors that won him over is because breastfeeding can definitely help us save money β€” baby formula is pricey!

My hospital visits and providers have been nothing but great. I still can’t get over the fact that my providers would wear camo scrubs/ACUs instead of the normal scrubs that doctors/nurses use at civilian hospitals. Still trying to understand how things work here, and it is a little confusing, but am getting there! Not just because it’s a different system due to it being a different country and all that, but also because the army medical services are a different kind of system altogether! Usually when I have to deal with anything army, I’d get Kevy to do it πŸ˜€ saves me the headache and help avoid any kind of misunderstandings later!

During the weekends, we’d drive somewhere and walk around so I could get my exercise. I stay at home most of the time, and after work, would spend most of my days straightening the house up. There’s always something to be done β€” things to be moved and packed away. Once the baby is here, I don’t think things will ever be the same again! So rather than wait, I thought it’d be a good idea to have some sort of plan and just keep to it so we won’t go bonkers trying to figure things out and juggling the baby’s needs at the same time!

Ohh counting the days til we have our little bundle of joy in our arms!

Back home!

I am home! Flight back was amazing. I loved every minute of it. Flying first class certainly made the experience aΒ  whole lot sweeter and I can never thank my husband enough for such a grand experience. I slept a lot, was fed a lot and got home refreshed and ready for raya!

Yesterday was also the first day of Eid, so it was quite a big deal in this household! Kevy stayed home with me, and we had a little quiet celebration together. Of course we took a ton of pictures – that’s a part of the raya experience, and this being our first together (since last year we celebrated Raya apart), it is also quite a special occasion. I brought back some raya cookies so we had some earlier in the day, and then we went out for lunch.Β  Kevy’s been hankering for some Laksa Penang, so we made a stop at the lil Vietnamese store near the Thai place we went for lunch and tomorrow we’re making Laksa for lunch!

Our day started early today – we got groceries and then proceeded to making satay. We have a little George Foreman grill, which Kevy used to grill the satay. I made some peanut sauce and prepared the nasi impit and before we knew it, it was makan time!

We are really excited to see how the laksa is going to turn out. I’ve got the fish prepared and just need to boil the laksa tomorrow, so laksa is definitely on the menu tomorrow. Am very positive it will turn out delicious, although I do not have the laksa leaf that my mom usually would put into her laksa, but she assured me it won’t be a problem. I found some online though so I’ve already ordered a pot so we can have it growing in our sunroom/greenhouse. Bunga kantan is a little harder to grow, and takes a long time, but no worries since I already have bunga kantan, which is great since that gives the laksa broth its very distinct taste.

Another thing I’m really excited about is we’re having a photoshoot this weekend. We planned to have one for our 1 year anniversary, but I was not available so we had to reschedule. The photographer we chose has some really good pics in her portfolio, so I’m really excited about the outcome. I plan on sending some to our family and friends as they’d be great as cards too, so I’m really excited to see what beauties we’re going to get from the shoot!

May your weekend be filled with many happy memories! I know ours will πŸ˜€

Of first class tickets and going home.

OMG i just got my flight tickets to fly back to the States and it’s all gonna be first class tickets, woohoo!

It took a lot of persistence so I could get the best deals but it was all worth it when I finally got them! Will be flying via Bangkok with a short transit in Rome but the best part is Kevin will be waiting for me once I get to the airport in NC! He insisted on driving the three hour trip to the airport even though I said I would take another flight home (there’s a closer airport to our house), but I guess he just misses us very much that he’s willing to travel all that way to the airport to see me!

I’m going to need to get a doctor’s note from my doctor, but she said it should be easy and not a problem. The pregnancy has been rather easy and without much complications so I’m pretty confident we would be able to board without a problem.

Kevin is definitely happy that I got the tickets I wanted. He wants us to have a safe flight, and a comfortable one too since it would be a long, long way to travel. It is hard on the body and going to be uncomfortable especially for someone who’d be 32 weeks + pregnant like me! I’m definitely grateful he gave me the chance to experience this and for being so patient with me since I gave him heart attacks when I told him of the initial price :p

Super stoked about my flight home, and to see my husband waiting for me at the gate! It’s going to be one great experience, and don’t worry, I’d be sharing it here!